Genevieve’s Jungle created, owned and managed by - Latifah L. Lewis. In honor of my mom who I lost in 2002 I’ve decided to create and name my business after her. She was an African Queen, My African Queen!


Growing up and the numerous memories that still remain of my mom. My mom was well known for her many hustles; selling food and clothing (African Clothing at that).


She was specifically into African centric materials and textiles and animal prints.


It’s always been my plans to create a business and honor my mom and her heritage someway somehow, so I’ve created and opened Genevieve’s Jungle! 


We are a small but motivated company, we believe passionately in great bargain and excellent service. At Genevieve’s Jungle we are committed to ensuring we offer the best (prices, quality and services) to each and everyone of our clients.




Genevieve’s Jungle Team!